What is the Impact of AI Tools Like ChatGPT on SEO in 2023?

We apparently know that Chat-GPT(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is making its presence in the digital market, keeping that in mind it is also affecting a lot of digital marketing factors like OMP (Online Marketing Platforms), Content Quality, and SEO (Search engine optimization). Mostly, Chat-GPT affects SEO in many ways. Some of them are improving users’ experience, and relevant results, and the rest we will discuss in the blog, read till the end to know ‘’Is Chat-GPT right for a new entrepreneur or not’’ and explore more about Chat-GPT. Let us dive deep to learn about the impact of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT on SEO in 2023 with tips to improve your SEO.

Factors in Which Chat-GPT Affects the SEO

There is no doubt that Chat-GPT is making it easy for new businesses to set foot in the digital market and already changed the criteria and requirements of the huge and famous business models even as Facebook and Google but in the means time we can surely say that Seo affected by ChatGPT, Seo used to be the most important tool in digital marketing and those who were expert in Seo used to be the most talented experts in digital marketing but since AI came to existence, Seo is getting a huge downfall in the history these three ways;

  • Chat-GPT thinking and language processing is almost natural as a well-trained Seo expert so, every new business now has its personal Seo expert a new business couldn’t hire a good Seo expert because they used to charge tons of money for the exchange their service but that was worth it.
  • Chat-GPT’s research analysis is top-of-notch, it can do research stuff in a blink of an eye(even the long and time-consuming topics). So, new businesses now have plenty of time to grow their brand.
  • Chat-GPT’s recommendation is very reliable, it can make a Seo week plan for your new business. With this point, Chat-GPT’s future in 2023 is absolute.
  • Chat-GPT could be useful for increasing engagement because it can create virtual chatbots and will provide the customer with a very connecting way so, the bounce rate will be low and screen time will be at its peak.

What can Chat-GPT do to Affect SEO?

Well, we have done a little experiment to measure the depth of Chat-GPT’s intelligence and we reached one conclusion that Seo’s future in 2023 is going to be ruined because of Chat-GPT’s thinking ability. Here are some examples to make you understand better what Chat-GPT is capable of.

We asked the Chat-GPT to write technical SEO; it is the most complex and hard SEO ever. Technical Seo requires the latest knowledge in the technical world and it is even hard for full-skilled Seo experts to sit on a chair and analyze the current technical world like which smartphone is the latest or which is the latest network technology, but Chat-GPT can do it in no time. Here is the screenshot of it;

It is obvious that the given information is correct to its core and on this topic, Chat-GPT writes about anything in the world(this has been approved by SEO experts). By using these tips, a new refrigerator and air conditioner business could get a lot of leads in its industry.

Who will win Chat-GPT or SEO? Final verdicts

Since the impact of ChatGPT on SEO is significant so, Seo’s future in 2023 is not clearly visible but that does not mean Seo has no chance against Chat-GPT. Chat-GPT is AI and has no access to an open-world environment and Seo is a practice that is based on the current business environment.

Going with only Chat-GPT will be a bad idea cause it may put you at a drawback over a long time and using only Seo will not be enough today because of the competitors.

If a new business wants to grow organically and legitimately then it has to use Chat-GPT to keep up in the tech world with a proper Seo strategy so, it would possible for clients to differentiate you in this world of competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Impact of ChatGPT on SEO

Will Chatgpt turn out to be good for SEO?

Chat-GPT is clearly going to take over digital marketing completely since there are other AI also that are as well as Chat-GPT so, AI will turn out to be terrible for Seo.

Does AI replace Seo?

Well, this is not clear whether AI will replace Seo or not but as for Seo, human content is a must because Seo is a practice in which one can boost organic growth and this is only possible with Seo so, a clear answer is No. AI could not replace Seo instead AI could be replaced with Seo.

Would Google charge for using AI content?

Using AI and automation comes in Google guidelines so, it is not clear whether Google penalizes AI content or not.

Is there any Seo technique that is prohibited by Google?

Yes, there is Black-Hat Seo technique is clearly banned by Google itself cause it contains some illegal operations to use those techniques.

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