Top 5 Zoro to Alternatives to Watch Anime

How to Download Anime From Zoro Website?

let’s make it clear, is a worldwide website that let users watch and download anime content for free cause of its popularity and fame, people have already stuck to it and do not want to watch anime on any other sites but there are better sites than zoro to on the internet and if are into the similar site as, here is the list of top 5 better anime websites than zoro to ever. Before preceding any further, these are chosen based on three aspects which are variety, community, early release, and other factors So, it may be not satisfied with everyone’s preferences and needs. So, give a try to every alternatives mentioned below.


A perfectly rated and best website to watch anime and it is the perfect zoro competitor in 2023. This site provides you with 10000+ anime with their OVAs. 9Anime also has a very creative and nourishing community that helps you to choose the best anime while prioritizing your preference, and as for the bonus it’s completely free to join(anyone can join the community on the telegram group). So, switching to this website from will be worthwhile for sure because they release ongoing animes early as compared to that will help Follow-Watchers to be the first viewer.

As for the rating, the best point will be 9.5 out of 100(8/10 zoro’s rating score) since it’s better than zoro. The only con this website has is website does not look too good on PC because the layout for PC and mobile is the same and is not like zoro.


This is the second-best anime website in the list of seven. It provides the same amount of animes as other the previous one. Gogoanime has one of the biggest libraries because it came in 2019-2020(the exact date is not disclosed yet).

For cons, it has some very serious and infuriating cons. Ads pop-ful is very frequent on this site and users have found some virus formats also but you will be safe unless you would click any of the links or ads.

Gogoanime is one of the zoro to alternatives so, the rating would be 7.6 out of 10 cause of the refined sorting.


Crunchyroll is the successor of every anime site and the 1-1 zoro to alternatives in 2023(Only in Anime). Crunchyroll is holding the spot for the library it has with the price it charging, it has over 1000 anime with their OVAs. Back in 2020(during the pandemic) Anime started reaching the market and right in front of the eyes, it began beating viewers by giving them the exact content they were looking for. Thanks to Crunchyroll, made it possible for users to watch anime legally.

The only con Crunchyroll has is it isn’t free(unfortunately, it’s a paid platform) but it is affordable for anyone. If you talk about plans pricing info the premium plan starts from rupees 79/month but since is not legal to use so it will be best to use Crunchyroll for watching anime and you can also get it for a year also which is very reasonable too. So, it will not be a con for 99 per cent of the people as for the last one per cent, it also offers some free animes you can go for, but in exchange, you have to watch ads in each episode.

The ranking is a full 10/10 because it has no con excluding paid platforms, from stability to release date it has everything an anime platform can offer. if you want to support the anime community prefer to watch anime on Crunchyroll.


Netflix is on the fourth list in this list and it’s a better website to watch anime. It offers over 1500 plus including anime shows and movies. It majorly focuses on entertainment by providing high-quality content to its viewers so, calling it an anime platform would be no wrong. Every anime that you found on Instagram reels and youtube shorts or videos, is on Netflix right now because of their wide network they have no problems dealing with buying other nation’s shows or foreign shows.

Rating and drophack will be 9.5 on 10, we reduced point five cause not everyone can afford this platform. It costs 499 rupees per month which is not possible to buy for the majority of people and it also does not offer any free shows or anime(it is a completely paid platform).


Kissanime is one of the most underrated platforms and alternatives, it provides you with 500 plus that you can watch for free. There is nothing to about it just give it a try and make it your primary anime platform.

This is not last on our list and almost the same as do so, points will be 8 on 10 and the con is there are some ads but you can skip them or use an ad blocker for a better experience.

Ultimately, these are all 5 anime platforms you will find better websites than and they are so, try to give them all a try, and as far as all know will fade soon because of its bad reputation so, it will be great to arrange an alternative for that in advance. Even after, you can watch it on if you want, the platform does not matter after all that matter is an anime show that fits for you. So, bit back with chips or snacks and just be an anime Bing watcher and hop to any anime website(just make sure it is legal).

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