What is SpooferX Pokemon Go and How to Install It?

Looking to catch the rarest Pokemon and become the ultimate trainer in Pokemon Go? Spooferx is a powerful third-party software that enables players to spoof their GPS location, granting access to features that may be unavailable in their region. With Spooferx, you can catch rare Pokemon from all over the world, level up faster, and access exclusive in-game items and features. This blog will take you one step closer to Spooferx, analyzing its features, operation, and how it can level up your game. Whether you are not a regular player looking to catch some unique Pokemon or a heavy trainer finding to rule the game, Spooferx has all the essential tools and features for your success. So, let’s delve into Spooferx Pokemon Go and discover how it can help you become the ultimate Pokemon Go master.

What is Spoofer X?

Spooferx, a third-party software, allows Pokémon Go players to modify their GPS location within the game, creating the illusion of movement in the virtual world without physically going anywhere. By employing Spooferx, players can capture rare Pokémon, hatch eggs, and join remote raids.

How does SpooferX Pokemon Go work?

Spooferx manipulates the GPS coordinates of a player’s device, allowing them to project their location as somewhere other than where they physically are. This is achieved by generating counterfeit GPS signals that are fed into the Pokémon Go app through a process called GPS spoofing. By utilizing this technique, the player gains access to capture Pokémon and engage in activities that would typically be out of reach since the app is deceived into thinking they’re located in a different spot.

Is using Spoofer X safe?

Although using Spooferx may seem like an easy way to gain an advantage in Pokémon Go, it’s not a recommended or secure approach. Niantic, the game’s creator, has a strict anti-cheating policy and has the authority to prohibit players who are caught using such methods. Furthermore, using Spooferx puts players at risk of exposing their data, potentially leading to identity theft and fraudulent activities.

How to install SpooferX Pokemon Go on Android?

Installing Spooferx on Android devices is a relatively straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  • Reach the Spoofer X website and select “Download” from the menu on their homepage.
  • As soon as the downloading is complete, install the APK file as you do with any other application.
  • Launch Spooferx and follow the instructions on the screen to start falsifying your GPS location.

How to install SpooferX Pokemon Go on IOS?

The process of installing Spooferx on iOS devices is slightly more complicated than on Android phones, have the following steps:

  • Go to the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Visit the Spoofer X website and select “Install” from their homepage menu.
  • As soon as the installation is complete, jump to Settings > General > Device Management and confirm that the Spooferx profile is trusted.
  • Initiate the simulation of your GPS location by launching Spooferx and adhering to the instructions displayed on the screen.

How to use SpooferX Pokemon Go on IOS and Android?

Spooferx functions straightforwardly, with the following process:

Firstly, launch Spooferx and choose the desired location to mimic.

Secondly, click on the “Start” button to commence simulating your GPS location after selecting a location.

Finally, open and play Pokémon Go as usual, now with the added ability to capture rare Pokémon and participate in remote raids.

How to avoid detection in Spoofer X?

To evade detection and the risk of being banned by Niantic, the creator of Pokémon Go, it is advisable to adhere to the subsequent guidelines while using Spooferx:

Limit the usage of Spooferx and employ it in moderation.
Ensure that your simulated location is within proximity to your actual location.
Avoid using Spooferx in areas that lack Pokéstops or gyms.
Refrain from participating in an excessive number of remote raids.
Abstain from using Spooferx while moving at high speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SpooferX Pokemon Go be used for other games?

While Spoofer X was initially designed for Pokémon Go, it can be used for other games that require GPS location spoofing.

What happens if I get caught using Spooferx?

If Spooferx is detected on your device, it can lead to a permanent ban from playing Pokémon Go.

Can I still catch rare Pokémon without using SpooferX?

It is still feasible to capture rare Pokémon without resorting to Spooferx by playing the game with honesty and integrity, even though it may take longer and require more effort. This approach is much safer and ethical.

Is Spoofer X free?

Yes, it is you can just jump into their site and download it then use it.

Is Spooferx better than iPogo?

Yes it is because it comes with a lot more features than iPogo and since iPogo is new to anyone so, it has some bugs but that can be avoided by using the latest version of it

Can you get banned for using Spooferx?

No, if you use it with all the instructions mentioned above and it could be possible to get a temporary ban from the game authority for using it aggressively.

How do I fix my Spooferx?

You can visit their website for any troubleshooting and bug but for setting up, read the instructions above.


In conclusion, while Spooferx may seem like an easy solution for Pokémon Go players to catch rare Pokémon and participate in remote raids, it comes with significant risks such as getting banned and exposing personal data. Rather than resorting to such risky tactics, players can try other hack methods such as PGSharp or using legit APKs to attract rare Pokémon. These options are much safer and can help players to level up quickly and enjoy the game without putting themselves at risk. Ultimately, it is important to play the game fairly and ethically to avoid any potential consequences.

As mentioned above, there are other methods to hack Pokemon Go like PGSharp, Joystick hack, and direct APK installation. To review other hacks go check out our previous article or blog for the same. It will give you full insight into how many types of hacks are there and which will be perfect for you.

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