iOS 16.3.1 Battery Drain: Tips to Enhance Your Battery Life

Hey you, iPhone user! If you recently updated your device to iOS 16.3.1, you may face severe issues like face detection not working, auto switch off, and the most annoying one, iOS 16.3.1 battery drain. As an existing iOS user, battery draining is an evergreen concern on iPhones, so read the blog at the end to understand how a new iOS update can ruin your device’s battery life.

Technically speaking, how do new iOS updates ruin your device’s battery life? So, it depends on the update’s compatibility with your iPhone. Most of the time, it happens because of the new features, background running tasks, and optimizations.

Factors that Cause the Problem: iOS 16.3.1 Draining Battery

Some new features are specifically designed for the new or latest iPhones, which is why old phones or previous generations of iPhones struggle to run as smoothly as new-generation iPhones. These types of updates lead to serious battery drain problems, and the new iOS 16.3.1 update is no exception. This update has severe optimization problems and compatibility issues with old iPhones, so iPhones below the year 2021 are struggling to give good battery backup.

Minor bugs could also be part of the iOS 16.3.1 battery life problem. Minor bugs contain some background processes unknown to our iPhones, e.g., a few days ago, some people faced a cellular data bug, in which the device shows that cellular data is off even if it is on. This bug came into existence when some users faced a data shortage in their data plans. We all know that using cellular data consumes more battery than using Wi-Fi. It is just an example; there are a lot of bugs out there in the iOS system that are responsible for battery drain problems.

Tips or solutions to save battery life on iOS devices.

Here are some tips that could be useful in enhancing the iOS 16.3.1 battery. With frequent use of these tips, you can also boost your battery performance and make sure your iPhone’s physical battery lasts up to 5 years or even more.

  • Avoid using your iPhone in high temperatures.
  • Reset your iPhone’s battery settings.
  • Try to always use battery-saving mode.
  • Use the reduction motion on your iPhone.
  • Set your refresh to 60 hertz.
  • Turn off background refresh apps.
  • Avoid using location services (if possible).
  • Use dark mode all the time.
  • Limit the use of silicone cases.
  • Always use the latest iOS version on your iPhone.

How do I turn on or off these options to increase iOS 16.3.1 battery life?

Use auto-brightness:

  • This will help you avoid excessive screen brightness and also reduce stress for your eyes.
  • Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Auto-Brightness

Use low battery power mode

  • This will restrict the background usage of your device and let your device use only necessary applications (you can also select the apps in which you want to use this mode to avoid any kind of problems).
  • Settings > Battery > Low power mode

Turn off reduce motion:

  • This will limit extra animations that will save your battery at some point.
  • Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Reduce motion toggle.

Set the refresh rate up to 60 hertz.

  • Doing this will reduce your screen smoothness but extend your battery life for sure. so, at least give it a try or you can change it anytime in future if you want.
  • Settings > Accessibility > Motion > Limit Frame Rate.

Turn off background refresh apps.

  • This will restrict your device’s background usage which will consume your battery less. (It may stop some necessary process and cause messages or calls delay)
  • Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Set it to OFF.


Nowadays iOS versions are getting sketchy so, you need to be more relational before installing any update on your iPhone. Be first to check reviews and feedback from other users. Your battery health depends on the usage so, always avoid heating up your device while charging and get an airy case rather than a silicone case using these tips will help you a lot to minimise any battery damage to your device and boost your daily performance to its max.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is 120 hertz better than 60 hertz?
Yes, it is smoother to use 120 hertz than 60 hertz, but at the same time, 120 hertz consumes more battery than 60 hertz, so we should always try to use our phone at 60 hertz.

Is iOS 16 killing batteries faster?
iOS 16 indeed has a battery-draining problem, but you can also minimise it by using our given solutions.

Is iOS 16.3 stable?
iOS 16.3 is the most stable version in iPhone history because it is the latest and most handy to use.

What is the problem with iOS 16.3?
iOS 16.3.1 has severe problems like face detection not working, battery draining, and auto-switching off, but none of them could be fixed.

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