Facts About Gogoanime You Should Know In 2023


If you are an anime fan, you are already aware that there are free anime websites where you may watch anime for free, however for those who don’t know what Gogoanime is. It is another zoro.to alternative, in other words, a free source of anime with hundreds of high-quality anime (both subbed and dubbed).

A famous site for watching anime, but there are some dubious things you should know about it. Therefore, here are some amazing and mind-blowing facts about Gogoanime in 2023, let’s get started.

Why Is Everyone Talking About Gogoanime and What Is It?

Gogoanime is a website that lets anime fans watch anime for free. It was launched in 2017 but due to a lack of awareness, this website became known among fans in 2021-2023. Gogoanime has a different fan base because of its easy accessibility and interface. People were ignorant about anime and manga before 2018, so that can be the reason for Gogoanime’s unknown existence, but as for 2023 gradually this website is getting more common among fans than Zoro ever, but the real conundrum is “Is Gogoanime safe to use?” Here is the answer.

Is Gogoanime Safe?

So. it is safe to some extent but on the same side, it isn’t. Gogoanime has ads on its main page due to that reason there is a chance of getting viruses or malware from those ad sites(which is not safe at all), the solution to this problem will be to use an ad blocker, but there will still be 77 per cent of the chance of getting corrupted because Gogoanime may redirect you to a proper ad page where you will be lost completely about going back and if you click any of the pop-ups could result on two happenings whether you get the annoying or explicit notification or lots of promotion messages(which will affect your internet experience). So, it is safe if we are conscious about using it properly, however, safety could be sacrificed but is Gogoanime legal or operated in lawful order?

Is Gogoanime Legal?

Like Zoro, Gogoanime is in the same situation. We can’t say whether zoro.to and Gogoanime are legal or not, but you should know one thing: under the Copyright Act, of 1957 “no one is allowed to promote paid content for free to users without any consent from its respective owners”, this blunder could result in serious punishment (fine or imprisonment). This is very illegal for all of us to use such a website that does not promote Government laws, so always try to watch content from legal sources. There are some legal sources and Gogoanime alternatives like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

For those who do not have access to these legal sources to watch anime, you can try some traditional ways to get out of this situation:

  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Try international streaming services like Hulu (this is available for every region and country in the world)
  • Try Digital Copies: Digital copies are like a recorded version of the show, it is available on Play Store and App Store. (some shows are overpriced)
  • Have Blu Ray Dvds(they cost a lot)
  • Follow similar communities on social media: Maybe they share the high-quality recorded file with you. (this is very reasonable)

It could also be possible that watching shows, movies, anime, and web series like this is legal but the majority of countries like the USA, and Europe demonstrate this kind of practice.

Which Gogoanime Website is Real? (Exact URL of Gogoanime)

An awful part of this website is that they change their domain or URL very frequently (it started with gogoanime.to) because of the domain bidding. Gogoanime does not charge anything for their content, so they are very well-to-do in organizing all this stuff. Their current URL is https://www3.gogoanimes.fi/ but there is a possibility that it would be changed in the future. So to avoid this, you can do this simple practice; every time you want to surf to Gogoanime just type it in Google, there is a high possibility that the real is always in first position. Do not click any links and save the bookmark to access the website. This tip will surely help you to avoid surfing on counterfeited websites.

How to Watch Anime on Gogoanime?

Well, it is simple you just have to hop onto https://www3.gogoanimes.fi, then on the main page you will see a lot of trending and recommended anime for you, either just from them or search the anime you want to watch by its title on the search bar(shown in the image below)

As you can see in the image above, I searched for an anime called ‘Monster’ and it is the first one on the results so, yes you can search any anime by its title(just make sure the spelling and type as it is).

How to Download Anime From Gogoanime?

Yes, you can download the anime from Gogoanime(Login first). To do this just follow the given steps below:

  • Go to the Gogoanime website(URL given above)
  • Then, select the anime which you want to download
  • Skip the ad and play the episode(close some ad pages)
  • Thereafter, click the download button (next to the setting button)
  • Deal with some annoying ads and pages (use an ad blocker to minimize the ad effectiveness).
  • After that, you will be on Vidstream(Cloud storage where the anime production company uploads its files).
  • Choose the resolution and file type then you are good to go(the file will be downloaded).
  • Choose the location before downloading(it will save you from the trouble of finding them in the future)

Feature of Gogoanime in 2023

There are a lot of features on this website that serve you better and you will never those on any other website in this blog we will be discussing the top 6 features of gogo anime. One should definitely know about all these features before someone uses Gogoanime for watching anime:

  • Gogoanime has over 700 plus animes or movies on their website and all of them are refinedly sorted based on their genre and popularity(which is a tough thing to do), you just have to choose your favorite anime and all the episodes will be there in front of eyes. It has almost every genre also from romantic to action or thriller to supernatural, you will find everything on this website.
  • Update response time is also very good so, users do not have to wait so long for newly released animes.
  • You can change the website’s language if you want.
    Gogoanime has its separate community and you can join them for free on social media platforms.
  • It has subbed or dubbed versions of almost every anime(maybe dubbed version of your preferred language is not available in some animes).
  • You can even contact them for business purposes or any other related query(via email or through social media platforms like Instagram, telegram, etc.).
  • It has no subscription for anything but if want to donate and support them for their future projects you still can do that(contact them for doing that).

These features are very valuable to users, which is why gogoanime is getting popular among anime fans. If you use them accurately you sure will be benefited.

Gogoanime Reviews Till 2023

Gogoanime had very positive reviews since it started in 2017-18. The users reported that the gogo anime website is very light and easy to use. You can watch anime on it with decent-good internet speed which is 15 Mbps to 75 Mbps(if you go below that try to watch the anime in low resolution to avoid buffering and as for above 75 you can try watching the anime on 4k if it is available. Because of the site’s accessibility and interface, the users have given 8.5 on 10 ratings on some certain telegram surveys. So it means one thing that Gogoanime is one of the best websites to watch anime.

Websites Similar to Gogoanime (Gogoanime Alternatives)

  • KissAnime
  • Animestreams
  • AnimeUltima
  • Chia-Anime
  • Animeland
  • Anime-Planet
  • Nyaa Torrents
  • AnimeShow.tv
  • Because. Moe
  • DubbedAnime
  • 9Anime
  • AnimeFrenzy
  • Crunchyroll (Paid Platform)
  • Netflix (Paid Platform)
  • Amazon Prime Video (Paid Platform)
  • Hulu (Paid Platform)
  • Zoro.to (From One of The Famous Ones)
  • Anime Pahe

These are some gogoanime alternatives and all of them are exemplary so, give it a try to all of them, this will also help you to find you the better one for you specifically. If you are still confused about choosing the one just go with the flow and select zoro.to (free and popular) or Crunchyroll(safe and reliable). Every website from the above list provides you with high-quality content so, do not choose only one all of them are worth a try and won’t make you regret it for sure.


Gogoanime is a very good alternative to zoro.to or 9anime. It is one of the most popular and free websites. So, no one needs to go anywhere else for watching anime online, just make sure to avoid clicking any pop-up ads and close redirected pages as soon as they open, this will save you from getting possession of viruses or malware. Make sure to check our other references related to this same and go get ready to watch new anime while having chips and drink with you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is it OK to watch Gogoanime?

Ans: yes, of course, it is okay to watch anime on Gogoanime because it has over 700 plus anime and the website is very reliable and well-rated in terms of anime streaming platforms. But there are some website sites on the internet to watch anime that is gogo anime.

Q. What is better than Gogoanime?

Ans. It is a very good question because people found very it hurdle-full while watching anime on gogo anime because of that people prefer websites like zoro.to and 9anime to watch anime for free.

Q. Does GoGoAnime have an app?

Ans. No, neither gogoanime nor zoro has an app for its users. To access them you can visit their(URL given above).

Q. Why can’t I download from GoGoAnime?

Ans. GoGoanime provides downloading service for its users, if you are struggling to download anything from gogoanime you can your connection stability and check whether it is happening to all anime shows or only with what you want to download. Sometimes it happens due to an unresponsive server, if you are getting what you want from gogoanime, try Animeplex to download anime episodes.

Q. Is Gogoanime legal for watching anime?

Ans. Watching anime from unknown sources like zoro.to, 9anime, and gogoanime is not legal at all because it promotes infringement and piracy relates concerns. Try using Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video to watch anime and any other entertainment content.

Q. Is Gogoanime safe for watching anime?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to watch but try to avoid clicking any unknown or suspicious links(doing this could cause you data leak or privacy-related mishaps).

Q. Is gogoanime free to use?

Ans. Gogoanime is free to use but yes, there will be some ads but you can skip them and continue watching your ongoing anime.

Q. How often is Gogoanime updated with new episodes?

Ans. Gogoanime updates regularly and the newly released shows and movies will always be there at Gogoanime(URL given above), this is the reason why gogoanime is getting more and more popular among anime fans, you can also the part of their community by joining their Telegram group or by following them on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Q. How to contact Gogoanime?

Ans. You can contact gogoanime officials, there is a certain way to do it, first, go to the gogo anime website then find the contact button in the top-right corner(next to report), fill in all the information in the form, hereinafter gogoanime will connect you and assist you soon for your related concern. Here is a pro tip to get the reply sooner or faster.

  • Try to be on point(Not unnecessary things)
  • Explain your concern in a better way
  • Write examples, not stories
  • Be formal (like you are very serious about the concern)
  • Limit your word limit upto 150-175 words(This will save their time, which means you will be able to get the answer quickly)

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