How to Customize Print Size on the DNP DS820 Printer?

Do you want to customize your Polaroids and other prints? Well, we have got the best printer for you. The DNP DS820 is a professional photo printer designed for high-quality prints. Do you know what the reason behind producing beautiful pictures is? One of the most important factors in producing beautiful prints is getting the print size right. In this blog, let us review the features and how to customize the print size on the DNP DS820 printer.

What are the Features of the DNP DS820 Printer?

Are you fed up with printing the normal printing qualities? Do you want to offer your clients a different set of printing options? DNP DS820 is the best choice for you. It allows you to produce custom images with the best picture quality.

Do you know the best feature of the DNP DS820 printer? It allows you to print 8×12 inches without changing the paper or ink quality. You can produce a good amount of pictures in a single click. It is the right choice for professional photographers with a wide range of clientele.

The printer lets you print pictures in the panoramic view, up to 8 x 32 inches. Moreover, the printer has a good speed to offer its users.

Process of customizing print size on the Printer

Step 1: Open the Printer DNP DS820 Driver:

First, you must download/open the DNP DS820 printer driver on your computer. To begin, you must open the DNP DS820 printer driver on your computer. It will allow you to customize your print settings, including print size and image resolution. Add your image in his driver.

Step 2: Select the Print Size menu:

After opening the printer driver, you must select the print size. Click on the “Print Size” drop-down menu and select “Custom.” You can then create a custom print size for your images.

Step 3: Enter the Custom Print Size:

After selecting “Custom,” a window will appear where you can enter the specific dimensions for your print. Enter the width and height in inches or millimetres, depending on your print preference.

Step 4: Adjust Print Settings:

After entering the desired print size, you must adjust the print settings for the best results. You can adjust the settings, such as brightness, contrast, color correction, image resolution, etc., to ensure your prints look their best.

Step 5: Print Your Customised Image:

Finally, it’s time to print your customized image. Make sure your printer is loaded with the correct paper and ink, and then click “Print” in the printer driver. Your custom-sized print will begin printing immediately.


Customizing the print size on the DNP DS820 is a cakewalk. You can create high-quality images with great picture quality by following the steps above. Don’t forget to adjust the print settings to get the best results. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create beautiful, custom-sized prints with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions About DNP DS820 Printer

1. How do I print a picture to a specific size?

To get the picture printed in a specific size, you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on File/Print.
  • Select full-page print
  • Now untick “fit picture to frame.”
  • Click on print.
  • You get the desired output.

2. How do I resize the Image to A4?

To resize an image to A4 using the DNP DS820 printer, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the image you want to print in an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint.
  • Go to the “Image” menu and select the “Image Size” or “Resize” option.
  • In the “Image Size” or “Resize” dialogue box, ensure the units are set to inches. Add the dimensions of A4 size paper.
  • Once you have resized and adjusted your image, save it as a JPEG or TIFF file.
  • Now, open the DNP DS820 printer driver software and select the appropriate paper size and print settings.

3. What size can DNP DS820 print?

The printer can provide different sizes. Apart from the A4 size, you can add 10×20, 20×30, panoramas, and many other dimensions.

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