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We have broken down some facts about Crunchyroll and have given some tips to improve your overall Crunchyroll experience. From reviews to revenue data, we have explained everything in this. We also have added top anime suggestions (recommended by viewers) to make your anime journey crazier than ever before and answered the most common question by users “Is Crunchyroll safe and legal?”

What is Crunchyroll?

An anime streaming platform where you have over 1200 anime with 33000 episodes, movies, and over 700 watch hours for its free users. It is the legal and safest platform for watching anime no matter whether you are an anime enthusiast or just started watching anime. It has anime for everyone. Some genres are action, supernatural, mystery, phycological, horror, drama, thriller, and many more. It does not matter which type of anime you are into, you will find something within your interest for sure.

Where to Find Crunchyroll Alternatives?

When it comes to paid streaming service platforms, there aren’t too many platforms that can compete with Crunchyroll. It is like only the best anime streaming platform that ever existed.

But here are some almost similar websites/platforms or partially Crunchyroll alternatives

  • Netflix: It has all the latest anime with subbed and dubbed versions.
  • Amazon Prime Video: for new and trending shows.
  • Disney Hotstar: very few shows.
  • Hulu: have most of the animes but a Prime subscription cost more than Crunchyroll.
  • Funimation: good and almost similar to Crunchyroll.

Since Crunchyroll has 60 per cent of anime fans’ audience, even FUNimation can not be compared.

Secret Fact About Crunchyroll

In a Reddit public poll, Crunchyroll was the one that lost in that poll. The reason behind this was FUNimation has more dub anime than Crunchyroll so if you are obsessed with English dubbed anime then go buy FUNimation and drop Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll’s Safety and Legality

Is Crunchyroll Safe?

If you were planning to buy Crunchyroll but had some queries about its safety then do not worry, it is the safest platform for watching anime. It has a worldwide audience and is available in more than 100 countries. You can access it from anywhere the content will be the same(no need to use VPN or anything).

Is Crunchyroll Legal?

As for the question Is Crunchyroll legal, yes of course it is, all the operations held or done by Crunchyroll are precisely under the law and with the consent of Anime production companies like Mappe, Pierrot, Studio, etc.

Sites Like Crunchyroll?

No, there are many websites available on the internet similar to Crunchyroll. As we speak Crunchyroll is the number one priority by anime fans. When it comes to paid streaming service anime platforms, the only one that comes to mind is Crunchyroll or FUNimation since Crunchyroll has a wide library so, it is better to have it than any other.

Feature of Crunchyroll

To be honest, every paid streaming platform has its features and benefits and Crunchyroll has all the features that an anime streaming platform can provide. Some of the highlighted features are:

  • It is the most-rated anime streaming platform.
  • It has over 1200 plus anime shows excluding movies and OVA.
  • The base plan starts from $7.99(USD) and the premium plan goes up to 15.99(USD).
  • Even free account users have too much to watch on Crunchyroll.
  • Provide quick release for new animes(Such as same-day release or next-day release)
  • Have access to multiple devices such as laptops, TV, Phones, and tablets.
  • Available to a global audience.
  • Has a 14-day trial for its new users.
  • Even it has digital mangas for some limited anime. (try manga reader to read mangas)
  • Has over 130 million users across the internet.

These were some highlighted features of Crunchyroll that attract more new anime viewers, and the best part is they all come with a very reasonable cost so, it makes more sense to choose Crunchyroll over any other anime streaming platform.

How to Download Anime From Crunchyroll?

Watching anime on Crunchyroll is the easiest part of it, you just have to hop on to and then search for your favorite anime in the search bar or try recommendations. The language and subtitles information will be there once you play the episode and if you want to save the episode(ensure that you have a premium plan because the basic plan does not provide downloading services) just play the episode that you want to download and click on the save button given below, the episode will be saved for sure(have a good internet connection to download episodes at better resolution).

How to Watch Anime on Crunchyroll?

To watch anime on Crunchyroll, one just had to have a basic(starting from & 7.99) subscription to access the anime available on their website. If you want it for free then do not worry there are shows which are available for free of cost. But definitely, Buying a basic will be worth the money.


Ultimately, Crunchyroll will be a better option than FUNimation or any other anime streaming platform because it has a wide library and language support with a reasonable plan. Worldwide availability and same-day release could also be plus features of Crunchyroll. So, go with the flow and choose Crunchyroll for your next anime streaming platform.

Note: If you prefer watching dubbed anime then go for FUNimation because of the lack of streaming rights Crunchyroll can not provide dubbed anime.

So. We have discussed every possible aspect of Crunchyroll and it resulted as Crunchyroll is the best option to watch anime at the moment. So, be with it and enjoy your anime journey to its fullest.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is Crunchyroll legal in India?

Ans. Of course, it is the legal and safest anime streaming platform across the internet. It has the most comprehensive anime library(manga also) at a very affordable price. While following all the government laws Crunchyroll provides its viewer with the best anime streaming experience possible.

Q. Is Crunchyroll free?

Ans. Yes, Crunchyroll has 100 hours of watch time for its free users and the basic plan starts from just & 7.99.

Q. What are the Big 3 in anime?

Ans. People think that the big three are all about fame and popularity, so they pick titles like Attack on Titans, Demon Slayer, and Jujutsu Kaisen but it’s more to that. The title “big three” is given to the top three anime in the industry that were released in the 2000s and that is Naruto, One-Piece, and Bleach.

Q. Does Crunchyroll have English dub animes?

Ans. Yes, some titles are available on Crunchyroll in their dubbed version but watching subbed anime is better than dubbed ones because there are some aspects like original voice acting, translation accuracy, and cultured language that will always be better in subbed anime.

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